New Vision Notes Friday May 18 2018

Yesterday the urban indigenous community held an annual social event in our Music Hall. Celebration of Growth was sponsored by the Professional Aborginal Advocacy and Networking Group of Hamilton. I was moved to be in this space with so many first nations people celebrating our personal growth over the last year. There was catered and […]

New Vision Notes Thursday May 3 2018

We joined together in worship this past Sunday in a music that was outside of the norm of our worship heritage. Ken Kirkwood got us feeling the rhythm and connecting with our own indigeneity as he brought a message of reconciliation through music with our first nations brothers and sisters. The time reminded me of […]

New Vision Notes Thursday April 26 2018

When the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Recommendations concerning the Canadian residential schools for first nations came out in 2015, lead commissioner Senator Murray Sinclair said to The Ottawa Citizen, “This is not an aboriginal problem. This is a Canadian problem. Because at the same time that aboriginal people were being demeaned in the schools and […]

New Vision Notes Friday April 13 2018

A short note today – Jazz Vespers at 4:30 this Sunday with a classic jazz piano trio of piano, acoustic bass and drums along with the terrific poetry of Mary Oliver, from her selected poems called Devotions. This one goes without a meal afterward. In the Music Hall. Sunday morning is 10:30 am as usual. […]

New Vision Notes Friday April 6 2018

We now enter a season of Easter – more than one day; 50 days. What shall we do for 50 days? That’s a lot of days. It’s interesting to think of time passing not just by the week, or month, or natural season, but by the passing of what in Christian thought is historical time […]

New Vision Notes Thursday March 22 2018

Today is World Water Day. You can find out more about World Water Day here. I’m reminded of our water bottles with the New Vision tag, “living water for all.” Indeed. We can use methods already in nature to reduce floods, droughts and water pollution. This Sunday we have the New Vision band joining us for […]

New Vision Notes Thursday March 15 2018

This week is the fourth week of Lent. Our fifth week will be marked by some fifteen or so of us participating in a “week of guided prayer.” Judith Robinson and Deb Peace have organized this week, which will commence with a gathering after worship on Sunday, and the distribution of materials, and conclude the […]

New Vision Notes Thursday March 8 2018

Difficult week this week with anarchists vandalizing businesses and cars on Locke St. I believe we are all concerned for people who engage in destructiveness like that, thinking that the way to peace and justice is through violence. That’s just not the case, and never will be. This past week Rev. Mary Hamilton passed away. […]

New Vision Notes Friday March 2 2018

Seems March came in like a lion sticking its tongue out for great big fat snowflakes to land on. The Annual Meeting went off well last Sunday. Thanks to all who made this fourth annual event a pleasure to be part of.  Much work was celebrated, and more contemplated and offered up for the year […]

New Vision Notes Thursday February 22 2018

I was at a gathering yesterday where someone in his thirties said to me, “Oh, you are the church with those amazing quotes on your sign.” When I shared this with our custodian Luke he laughed and said he’d been out by the sign one day recently and a woman was taking a photo of […]