Contemporary Worship Service

Sept 29: Contemporary Worship Service. One Main Street United Church had its first contemporary service at the Centenary site. Ever. Was it ever exciting to me. We’re getting that huge worship space to work for us as we contemplate, discuss, debate and make the future of this merging One Main St. United Church (creating a tipping point for an inclusive and affirming ministry) happen.

The St. Giles site has been holding a contemporary service on the last Sunday of the month for a number of years. The core of the service is the praise band. They and the St. Giles site people have learned many songs of this type. Now, with the praise band a natural part of the “worship landscape” for One Main St. United, we can add to this by raising up some of the excellent congregational songs (in our More Voices songbook) that just call out for accompaniment by praise band.

There’s more to a “contemporary service” than whatever “contemporary religious music” of the day is. It’s really about a spirit that begins in questioning ourselves and ends in delight in the glory of God.

Thanks to everyone who contributed on Sunday, and especially to those who took up the challenge and helped me shape a reflection on the Plate Spinner drama on the spot by offering their comments and responses to my questions.

We’re at St. Giles this Sunday for World-wide Communion.