Amalgamation Media Release


HAMILTON, ON – July 21, 2014 – Hamilton United Church Presbytery passed a motion to approve the amalgamation of Centenary United Church and St. Giles United Church.

Led by Reverend Dr. Ian Sloan, the new congregation will continue to strengthen their presence in the urban core of Hamilton with a revitalized purpose. “This congregation will build on United Church commitment to urban core ministry and be a nexus for social justice in Hamilton’s downtown,” said Sloan.

The amalgamation was finalized on June 22, 2014 after over two years of congregational efforts. For the past year, the two congregations have participated in joint worship services at both the Centenary and St. Giles United Church sites. As one new congregation, St. Giles the Centenary United Church (a working name) will develop a new identity as an inclusive and affirming ministry that also upholds the traditions and values of their previous congregations.

About St. Giles the Centenary United Church

St. Giles the Centenary United Church will be:

  • A multi-generational congregation, feeding the spiritual needs of the people
  • A church responsible in stewardship, committed to spending energy and dollars on ministry instead of on buildings
  • A congregation with a storied history, honoring the present and embracing the future
  • A socially just congregation, committed to offering social justice and outreach ministry seven days a week

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