Moderator writes to PM about Israel & Gaza

Aug. 5 2014, Toronto: In a letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the Moderator of The United Church of Canada, the Right Rev. Gary Paterson, has called on the Prime Minister “to do all that you can to convince the governments of both Israel and Gaza to stop the violence.”

Writes Paterson, “Like many Canadians, I expect our government to uphold international law and Canadian values of equality. Israel has every right to demand security, to live without fear of teenagers being kidnapped and killed and of rockets falling on its cities. But how can this invasion of Gaza, so overwhelming, destructive, and so disproportionate, bring real peace and security?”

He also notes that, “your government has built and nurtured a close working relationship with Israel. I ask that your government use this relationship to exert all influence to demand a stop to this invasion and siege.”

The letter ends with the plea, “Concrete steps must be taken toward a just and peaceful end of the conflicts that have ripped this land apart for so many years, so that ordinary people on all sides of every border will know the great gift of peace.”

Full text of letter (PDF)
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