New Vision Notes Fri Mar 22 2019

This Sunday is the third Sunday of the season of Lent. A long-standing spiritual practice among Christians has been “giving something up for Lent.” It’s a way of focusing attention. But you need to have something to focus your attention on, so what will that focus be for you between now and the end of Lent?

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This past Wednesday evening The Music Hall was the venue for the United Church of Canada’s Edge sponsored event, “Storynight: What is Love?” Aimed at getting congregations to admit that people now don’t come to churches because there is minimal social expectation that they do, the presenters sang songs about the distancing that privilege causes, told stories of lament for opportunities lost, and hope discovered, and spoke dramatic poems about getting social justice right across multiple oppressions.

It was an expression of the spirit and the movement, of which New Vision is a part, of going out into the neighbourhood to join God in what God is doing.

See you Sunday ~

Rev Ian