New Vision Notes Friday April 28 2017

We’re an ‘at the threshold’ community of faith, and we’re looking for those who also see themselves there and want to join us and share with us in stepping over the threshold into a new kind of belonging together.

From my experience this is not an easily found or discovered kind of moment in the world, and yet here it is. Let’s share it widely and broadly.
We’re at the threshold of a “welcoming, inclusive, artistic and bold” community of faith.

In a couple of Sundays (May 7) we’ll be including in our worship an Affirmation and Commitment of Threshold Partners. That will be all of us who want to join together at the threshold and invite others, and greet others there as we continue to develop this New Vision community of faith.

Sunday the band sits in and we celebrate the 3rd Sunday of Easter. We’ll hear the story this Sunday of the disciples walking the road to Emmaus; They were encountered by a stranger who revealed himself to them to be something the world seems to believe is surprisingly unremarkable.

See you Sunday ~
Rev Ian