New Vision Notes Sat Dec 22 2018

It is a sign of the busyness of the season that I find myself putting this note together on Saturday afternoon of the week, rather than the customary Thursday (and sometime Friday).

Our preparations for the celebration of Christmas are almost complete. Last Sunday we threw the New Vision Christmas party in the Music Hall for the first time. The Jazz Vespers that preceded had the musicians improvising on some seasonal tunes and on the carol “Hark the Herald Angels.” Mary Oliver’s poems resonated with and deepened our awareness of the season’s beauty and transitoriness.

Tomorrow is the Fourth Sunday of Advent; the theme, divine love.

Tomorrow evening JR DiGS throws his 10th annual Acoustic Christmas Party in the Music Hall. In some parts of the Christian world there is a tradition of a funky party the evening before Christmas Eve. This concert may be it in Hamilton. There are probably tickets still available – check out Bruha ticketing. Proceeds from the concert are going to Indwell and YWCA efforts to end homelessness.

Monday evening we join together in early evening worship to focus in wonder once again on the gift of a vulnerable new-born in a vulnerable place with vulnerable parents. We will meet for worship in the Lower Hall at 7 pm for Christmas Eve worship.

Blessings at Christmas.

See you Sunday ~