New Vision Notes Thursday March 22 2018

Today is World Water Day. You can find out more about World Water Day here. I’m reminded of our water bottles with the New Vision tag, “living water for all.”

Indeed. We can use methods already in nature to reduce floods, droughts and water pollution.

This Sunday we have the New Vision band joining us for Palm and Passion Sunday worship at 10:30 am. Some of us will be heading over to the Wesley Centre in the afternoon to prepare and serve the dinner we provide once a year there.

Others of us will be participating in Jazz Family Vespers at 4:30 pm in the Music Hall. This month it’s a kid’s themed Vespers, with selections from the children’s poetry of contemporary Canadian poet Dennis Lee, and a jazz band of vocalist, piano player, jazz violinist and acoustic bass.

I haven’t got a dollar
I haven’t got a dime
I haven’t got a thing to do
But write these goofy rhymes.

                                     — from “Goofus” in Alligator Pie

It’s in that goofy spirit that I’ve posted this quote from author of Charlotte’s Web EB White to our sign on Main W.


Next week is Holy Week. We’ll be holding our Maundy Thursday worship at 7 pm in the upper Narthex. Maundy Thursday worship remembers Jesus’ last meal where he washed his disciples feet. Then we do a Service of the Shadows — witness as a community to the life-giving passion and death of Jesus.

On Good Friday those who want are invited to gather at 10:30 am for conversation and prayer with me in the Church Hall.

See you Sunday ~

Rev. Ian