New Vision Notes Thursday March 30 2017

We’re going to sing “My Love Colours Outside the Lines” this Sunday, and it seems like a good title for this edition of New Vision Notes, as I hope you’ll see…

  1. We are launching the Threshold Partnership in the weeks ahead. New Vision decided at its annual meeting in February to call those who choose to belong to New Vision “Threshold Partners.” That’s because we’re at a threshold – always opening out to the unknown and the only imagined, and because we’re a new congregation too, beginning something new.  Partners’ inaugural commitment the partnership of New Vision United Church will be at worship on May 7.
  2. Big news this week is that we are going to do the week-long morning Summer Camp again this summer. The dates are Mon July 17 through Fri July 21. What’s big about the news is that we are going to hold it at the Mission Services building on Wentworth between Cannon and Barton! After prayerful deliberation, we believe we are being led to this location to join God there, in that neighbourhood. We’ll be asking for volunteers in the weeks ahead to help get the word out and to help with the camp during camp week. The theme this year is “Hero Central.”
  3. The United Church is nothing if not democratic in its ways. One proof is that from time to time congregations are asked to vote on matters that affect the very identity of the whole church from coast to coast to coast. We have three of these votes ahead of us as a congregation as we head into April and early May. Indeed, one of the first tasks of the new Threshold Partnership is to vote on these three questions on May 7 at a congregational meeting after worship. More later.
  4. This Sunday we’re holding a drumming workshop after the hospitality time after worship. Everyone can drum, and the workshop leaders will be providing the drums. So plan to attend. Everyone is welcome. Invite friends to come, even if they can’t make our worship service.

New Vision colours outside the lines ~

See you Sunday ~

Rev. Ian