New Vision Notes Thursday Nov 22 2018

It is getting difficult to avoid Christmas in the air. This is not a bad thing. If you are following the Christian year you are also aware that apocalypse is in the air. The revelation here is not to be found in some bad zombie flic, but in the reign of the One so totally marginalized that really the question comes to mind, “who’d have thought?”

So, it is Reign of Christ Sunday this Sunday, the last Sunday of the year. We begin Advent on Dec 2. After worship and a light lunch this Sunday we will formally begin the capacity building work we have been setting ourselves up to do with redeveloping 24 Main W as a New Vision social enterprise.  Jeremy Frieburger of Cobalt Connects will join us to lead this introductory workshop.

We’re sharing our Music Hall with the Park Street Gasworks while they renovate. One of their programs is the monthly Family Jam run by An Instrument for Every Child. Family Jam was noticed this week in the Hamilton Magazine, with a great shot in the Music Hall. The next Family Jam is this Saturday. Come on out if you like.

See you Sunday ~

Rev Ian