New Vision Notes Thursday Nov 9 2017

Our Inside/Out Art Exhibition opens tomorrow evening, Friday, Nov 10 from 6-10 pm. Come spend some time in our upper hall (a.k.a. The Music Hall) reflecting on works produced by Dismas Fellowship, L’Arche, participants in the October Art Crawl, NGen Youth Centre, New Vision, and others inside and outside our unique community of faith.

I have come to appreciate (through our curator for the show, Alison Miculan) that New Vision has a modest, but lovely, collection of artworks ourselves. They will be on display too.

Come reflect on whatever it is that binds sacred space and social space together. Is it worship? When you are wandering among the artworks, are you at worship?

The exhibition will be up until Sunday, Nov 12, after which we’ll dismantle it to make room for the Dan Lanois concert on Saturday Nov 18. We are beginning to think about how we can develop the initiative.

Thanks to the United Church’s Embracing the Spirit for an Innovation Grant for us to make this happen.

Cater and I spent the weekend with our partners in the Syrian Refugee Sponsorship Project in Rockville Maryland, a suburb of Washington D.C.  On Sunday I brought greetings to Rockville United Church at their worship and invited them onto the road to Hamilton to visit us. Between now and the time that our sponsored family comes (16 months?) we may see a few of them drop by. Rob Vanderheyden and I joined Rockville United Church’s lead coordinator for the project, Denise Giacomozzi, in a lively and well-attended discussion group meeting before worship. We were gifted with coffee mugs. I gave them one of our “Living Water for All” water bottles.

This Sunday we join together in communion with each other and the One who recognizes and loves us all.

Rev. Ian