There’s a FAB new team in town

There’s a fab new team in town. When Centenary decided on May 6 2012 against disbanding as a congregation, we committed to a future that would be different from our present and past. Conversation at the Church Board subsequent to that congregational decision focused on how to get the changes that would lead to that future. The Church Board saw we needed a coordinating team to help us do this work. This team would help Centenary keep all the balls in play we need in play for the transformation to be successful. This coordinating team would help us to use the limited time we have in the best possible way to make good and effective decisions.

Out of these insights the FAB Team was born. FAB stands for Fundraising, Amalgamation and Building. The Team’s job is to advance the transformative work with the congregation that it began on May 6 2012 when it overwhelming decided against disbanding. The FAB Team will help the congregation to keep coordinated the themes of fundraising, amalgamation discussions, and what to do with the building. To get the ball rolling, Joey Ruiz, Karen Mathewson, Tom Betts and Ian Sloan joined the team at the Board’s request.

Here are starting points the FAB Team has come up with for each area:

  • Fundraising: The FAB Team is talking about organizing major annual fundraising events that draw on members of the wider community for significant support: we’re looking for major fundraising event ideas and themes!
  • Amalgamation: Through the FAB Team Centenary is joining the discussions with First-Pilgrim and St. Giles that are focused on the idea of amalgamating the three congregations into one “Main Street Ministry.” We are also continuing our conversations around cooperation in ministry with the other “west end churches”: Binkley, Westdale, Melrose and First-Pilgrim. These were the churches with which we were involved in the combined Pentecost service.
  • Building: Through the FAB Team Centenary will explore with downtown stakeholders (eg.our New Globe Youth Centre, City of Hamilton, Hamilton Community Foundation, Social Planning and Research Council, service agencies and arts organizations and businesses, individuals) the feasibility of sustaining the current built form of Centenary’s building. Is there more value to be gotten out of it through new business and organizational uses while we retain ownership on behalf of the United Church and continue to use it ourselves? If not, what?


The FAB Team will begin to connect with the congregation in a sustained way when the congregation returns from its summer visits to First-Pilgrim, Melrose and St. Giles to worship again at Centenary. We begin worshipping again at Centenary on the second Sunday of September, September 9th.

Until then, have a FABulous summer!

The FAB Team