Covenant of Respect

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Approved in principle at the 2011 congregation annual meeting, Feb 26, 2012.

We commit together as a congregation to these covenants with each other and to God:

Our Promises to God

We will pray, together and alone, to thank God and to ask for God’s help in our lives and in our work for our Church, and we promise to listen to God’s answer to us.

>Our Promises to our Church Family

  • We will speak with each other addressing the Christ who is in each one of us.
  • We will try to discover what is best for our Church as a whole, not what may be best for us or for some small group in the Church.
  • We will respect and care for each other.
  • We will listen, and we will speak with an open, non-judgmental mind, and disagree openly in meetings, expressing ourselves as clearly and honestly as possible, paying attention to our voice levels and body language, so that we are confident that everyone understands our point of view.
  • We will support the final decisions that are made at Council and congregational meetings whether these decisions reflect our view or not.