New Translation of Book from Toyo Eiwa

cover of "Canadian Woman Missionaries at Toyo Eiwa in Japan 1882 - 2006"

In June 2012 Centenary received copies of an English edition of Canadian Woman Missionaries at Toyo Eiwa in Japan 1882 – 2006. The book is a translation from the Japanese edition published in 2010. The translators, Rev. Seiichi Ariga and Rev. Wayne Irwin, are both former ministers at Centenary.

From the preface:

“Several books on the history of Toyo Eiwa from 50 Years of Toyo Eiwa to 120 Years of Toyo Eiwa have been edited and published, but there has been no single book that focused on Miss Cartmell, the founder of Toyo Eiwa, and the other missionaries.”

From the preface to the English version:

“Shortly after the original book has been published in early 2010, Toyo Eiwa provided us with a copy, and we were deeply impressed by the integrity of the people of Toya Eiwa and their never-fading appreciation and affection toward their missionaries in the past.”

Copies are available at the church office.