Environment Hamilton’s “Passport to Hamilton” program

Click image to visit Passport to Hamilton web pageJust received an email from Environment Hamilton and thought I’d pass on the information about HSR (Hamilton Transit) group day passes.

Use the HSR Day Pass to travel the City and present your pass to 200+ locations makes you eligible for discounts at locally owned businesses.

One $9 HSR day pass allows 6 people, up to 2 adults and up to 6 children (no more than six people in total, group does NOT need to be related) to use the HSR for an entire day. Without a day pass, just one bus trip for six passengers would cost $14.10, and you may need to take several bus trips in just one day.

This project is affordable and a unique way for you and your family to support local businesses, visit different destinations in Hamilton and reduce your carbon footprint. You are not required to use your day pass when you buy, simply pick a day suitable for you and your group and begin your adventure!

There will be free maps available at the Centenary office.