New Vision Notes Friday Aug 3 2018

It looks like some kind of mid-summer spell  came over me since I have not written one of these notes for two or three weeks.

It is also true that New Vision is enjoying the summer. Sometimes, there isn’t much news.

This past week’s decision by the provincial government, however, to cancel the Basic Income Pilot Project and halve the increase to ODSP and OW reminds us that we must be vigilant about democracy. The party that won the election and formed the government explicitly said it would keep the Basic Income Pilot Project running to completion.

I invite you to join together and come up with a way to sustain yourselves in resistance to unscrupulous government, and to support those hurt by such government.

I think of banding together in this way to be as old as Christianity.

See you Sunday ~

I am taking a break from writing New Vision Notes now until September.

Rev Ian