New Vision Notes Wed June 24 2020

  1. As Phase 2 in the Province’s recovery from the social and economic shut down takes hold in Hamilton New Vision is developing recovery plans.
  2. Our intention is to enter into long-term development as beloved community as early as is practical in the return period. This intention will inform our decisions and actions through the recovery period we are now entering.
  3. At this time New Vision’s priority is supporting the COVID-19 response uses of 24 Main W.: the Caremongering Supply Depot in the Lower Hall and the 7-days-a-week Resting and Hygiene Centre for People Sleeping Rough in the Music Hall upper and lower lobbies. There is no certainty yet regarding the length of time these responses will remain in place.
  4. The Music Hall auditorium (the former sanctuary) is not suitable for our use as we enter into recovery from the COVID-19 emergency because it both heats up and is very poorly ventilated.
  5. New Vision will thus be gathering for worship on Sundays on Zoom throughout the summer. We will keep in place our phone network to keep in touch with those who are not able to join us on the internet.
  6. We are working on a plan to develop a congregate setting for limited numbers somewhere in 24 Main St. W that follows COVID-19 guidelines for those unable to access our virtual worship at home. We will have more details on this plan in the next few weeks.
  7. Our Thursday Outreach Program remains on hold.
  8. New Vision’s sixth anniversary worship gathering last Sunday June 21 was meaningful. Our guest speakers were coordinators and physician consultant of the Resting and Hygiene Centre for People Sleeping Rough. The New Vision Choir and our Music Leader Martine collaborated with others in the New Vision faith community to produce a “Here I am to Worship” music video, and Pippa sang and Erick accompanied her in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Love Changes Everything.”
  9. This Sunday we are going to do a “flip service” in which we break up into small groups to think and talk about actions we can take to support Black Lives Matter as individuals and as a faith community.
  10. Home baking individually wrapped is being highly appreciated by the guests at the Resting and Hygiene Centre! Keep it coming!
  11. New Vision Virtual Worship is experiential, participatory, image-rich and collective, just like worship in person at New Vision! Join us on Sunday mornings 10:30 am week to week during the Covid-19 emergency by clicking here. If you want to put the link someplace easy to find each week, here it is: Please share it with others and invite them to a “different” kind of time on Zoom from the usual.
  12. You can also call in to the gathering on the telephone toll free. Call 1 855 703 8985, then, when prompted, input the Meeting ID 782 292 511 followed by the # sign. Ignore the prompts for Participant ID and Password. You are in when the recorded voice says, “You are in the meeting.”

Hope to see you on Sunday ~ again, or for the first time.

Rev Ian