Reflection for May 20–26

…[God’s] steadfast love endures forever.  Psalm 118:29b

So Beyond Grand

Thus after the Day, the Night
ambles in to reveal stars about.
Long ago they were tossed into
places where they still hang out.
The moon waxes and wanes also
shining on Earth’s life, and moan.
But, a surprised star discovered
is Spirit’s beaming fuller shown.
Discoveries of science and astrology
are facts of Wonder already here.
The Creator’s answers to our minds
deep longing to enter God’s sphere.
Entry comes, but not till our end.
If we knew it all, we could not stand.
Our Creator desires to have us truly
discover Her love is…so beyond grand.
Thus Day rises our dawn to let Earth’s
creatures past the horizon, sleep, and rest.
And Day follows Night, as is the plan to
sleep, rise, live into the Sacred bequest.

by S. Diane Trollope