The Main News

Here’s the text of the newsletter that was included with the June 30 2013 bulletin. News about the amalgamation…

The Main News – June 30, 2013

On Sunday, June 23, St. Giles and Centenary promised to work together with Rev. Sloan and Hamilton Presbytery as “One Main Street United Church creating a tipping point for an inclusive and affirming ministry.”
Here are some useful things to know —
Main Street Task Group Members

  • St Giles: George MacCuish, Helen Bradley, Janet Long, Lee Carpenter, Nancy Corman
  • Centenary: Bob Marentette, Bob Ward, Erick Feltham, Isaac Van Geest, Jeff Braun-Jackson,
  • Karen Mathewson
  • Minister: Ian Sloan
  • Presbytery: Rev. Brian Donst, Doug Caldwell

The Task Group will work with everyone to achieve the merger.

Main Points

  • “One Main Street United Church” is a working name – the new name will come from the emerging congregation
  • Disposition of property will be done after the amalgamation, by the new congregation
  • Prior to amalgamation the legal decision-making bodies for each church remain the St. Giles Council and the Centenary Board
  • Developing successful amalgamation terms will require participation from everyone

Main Merger Timeline
1. Put the Vision Statement into functional terms
and define the space required for it    – Christmas 2013
2. Develop the organizational structure for the new pastoral charge – March 2014
3. Develop a worship practice for the new congregation – already begun, finalized March 2014
4. Voting Day: May 4th 2014
5. Amalgamation: June 8th 2014, Pentecost