New Vision Notes Thursday Sept 20 2018

On Sunday Sept 30 at 3 pm we will be holding a celebration of the ministry of the former St. Giles in the parking lot at 85 Holton Ave under a tent. This is a New Vision service to recognize one of the two pioneering congregations out of which New Vision was formed. On some other day yet to be determined we will also celebrate the ministry of the former Centenary at 24 Main W.

We cannot go into the St. Giles building because it is a construction site – hence the tent. St. Giles started in a tent, so our venue fits our occasion. Significantly given the circumstances, the Greek for “The Word became flesh and dwelt among you,” is “The Word became flesh and tented among you.”

I look forward to this time together with you and with others.

This Sunday is Mountain Sunday in our Season of Creation celebrations. We will worship with the mountains, their passes, and their valleys. After worship and a potluck lunch, the congregation will receive a report from the Social Enterprise Development Team with 5 recommendations that the Church Council wants the congregation to approve. The Social Enterprise Development Team was tasked with developing a plan for New Vision to be a partner in a live music venue in its former sanctuary at 24 Main W.

We are blessing the animals at worship the following Sunday, Sept 30 at our 10:30 am worship Bring a pet, or a photo, or a sound clip of an animal you want New Vision to bless, as we conclude the Season of Creation.

See you Sunday ~

Rev. Ian