New Vision Notes Wed June 3 2020

  1. New Vision Virtual Worship is experiential, participatory, image-rich and collective, just like worship in person at New Vision! Join us on Sunday mornings 10:30 am week to week during the Covid-19 emergency by clicking here. If you want to put the link someplace easy to find each week, here it is: Please share it with others and invite them to a “different” kind of time on Zoom from the usual.
  2. You can also call in to the gathering on the telephone toll free. Call 1 855 703 8985, then, when prompted, input the Meeting ID 782 292 511 followed by the # sign. Ignore the prompts for Participant ID and Password. You are in when the recorded voice says, “You are in the meeting.”
  3. This Sunday is our annual Pride worship gathering. The Affirming Committee has put together a rich service for us that includes videos, special music, an inspired play and a from-the-margins service of the table. Not to be missed!
  4. Come join worship this Sunday with a beverage and bread (or substitute) nearby to participate in communion. And as well this Sunday, please dig out a candle you can light in your space as a sign of our pride in our diversity of tones and hues when I light the New Vision diversity candle. Following this Sunday I hope to begin it passing around the community so that each week another person has it and lights it doing our virtual worship gathering from their space.
  5. The Pastoral Care Committee has prepared a COVID-19 spiritual care resource. Many thanks to Erin for giving shape to this. You can download it by clicking on this link.
  6. Martine our Music Leader is asking everyone to please consider taking a picture or quick video of themselves (15 seconds or less) sharing a message of hope, resilience and/or faith to make part of the New Vision Choir’s anthem for our 6th anniversary on Sunday, June 21.

This could look like:

* you holding up a sign you’ve made with a meaningful word, quote, or picture (just make sure your text is dark enough and big enough to be seen) – think of James’ rainbow picture as an example, or it could be a colloquial “we’ve got this”, or a (short, quickly readable) quote from the Bible (or perhaps the reference if it is longer!), or a song lyric, or your own personal mantra, or… (your choice!)
* you waving at the camera (wave, peace sign, “I love you”, smiling)
* creativity very much encouraged
*anything you like!

If you are sheltering in place with others, you could choose to do a family/group submission or solo submissions. (Pets 100% welcome). The choir will only present the composite anthem in our worship gathering that Sunday unless they receive permission from those who submit to post it more widely on the internet. Deadline is Wednesday June 10.

  1. The Music Hall at New Vision is launching its Virtual Concert Series during Hamilton Arts Week. The first concert will take place on June 18, and will be streamed live on the Music Hall Facebook Page. Please follow this link to learn more about DJ Shub of A Tribe Called Red, grandfather of the Pow Wow Step. You can also watch a DJ Shub music video, Black Snakes, here.
  2. Wesley Urban Ministries is fundraising for Case for Kids through June in place of the annual walk that typically takes place this coming Sunday with a challenge to us to find activities by which we can raise awareness and funds. You can find out more here.
  3. Home baking individually wrapped is being highly appreciated by the guests at the Resting and Hygiene Centre! Keep it coming!
  4. Volunteers needed. In an ongoing effort to support the needs of people experiencing homelessness in Hamilton, New Vision Church has opened its doors as a rest/hygiene centre for folks. This has been a much-needed resource to support people in accessing private washrooms, have a snack indoors, and decompress.Here are some details:

* The centre is open daily from 5pm-9pm, and will serve as a place where up to 10 folks at one time can use the washroom, practice hygiene, have some snacks, coffee, etc. (max 1 hour stay if at capacity)
* This will also serve as a mini screening centre (with protocols in place if someone screens positive)
* 4-5 volunteers are needed at a time to screen guests at the door, provide refreshments & keep things sanitized after every use
* Training will be provided, and PPE will be worn (masks, gloves, etc.)
* To express interest please follow this link and fill out the form.

Hope to see you Sunday ~

Rev Ian