New Vision Notes Sat June 17 2023

Sat June 17 2023

  1. The Indigenous Day of Prayer is this Sunday, the Sunday before National Indigenous Peoples Day on June 21. We will take the opportunity tomorrow to celebrate and honour in prayer First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples. It is also the Sunday closest to our inaugural day as a congregation June 20, 2014, and Father’s Day. We will be celebrating communion.
  2. Helping the Music Hall get off the ground – consider purchasing tickets and coming to an intimate afternoon performance on Sunday, June 25 at 4 pm  in the Southwest Lounge (in the MacNab addition) given by award winning Indie Folk singer/songwriter Emma Cook. Tickets are a very reasonable $12 or anything more you can afford. For tickets, follow this link. For more about Emma, follow this one. WardIV café and bar is providing bar service. This is a developmental show where the Music Hall figures some things out. You can help the process by helping the Music Hall avoid cancelling the show due to insufficient audience size. We are aiming for 30 tickets.  Hope to see you there!
  3. This evening: Tottering Bi-Ped Theatre presents “Hearing ‘Portraits at an Exhibition’” in our Lower Hall as part of Hamilton Arts Week. FREE at 8 pm. From Tottering Bi-Ped:  “Mimi Han and Trevor Copp have a challenge: you may listen to Classical music, but do you actually hear it? How many minutes at the Symphony pass before you are thinking about your to-do list at home, or wondering about dinner? We know this is incredible music, but what can we do to actually keep our heads into the sound? Drawing from their opposing experiences with Music, Mimi and Trevor conduct a series of experiments to provoke new ways of hearing. Working with Mussorgsky’s ‘Portraits at an Exhibition,’ we will move, smell, see, and feel our way through the music to see if we can find a deeper experience of listening to music.”
  4. A letter Pippa sent to the Spec celebrating A la Mode’s delightful “In the Key of RRR!” concert in the Music Hall at the beginning of June was published this past week.
  5. New Vision Virtual Worship is experiential, participatory, image-rich and collective, just like worship in person at New Vision! Join us on Sunday mornings 10:30 am week to week during the Covid-19 emergency by clicking here. If you want to put the link someplace easy to find each week, here it is: Please share it with others and invite them to a “different” kind of time on Zoom from the usual.
  6. June is also Wesley Urban Ministries’ Case for Kids month. Wesley has created a video to help promote Case for Kids, which raises funds for Wesley’s children youth and family programs.  This is the link to the video!.
  7. We continue our current in-person gathering approach: i) we will form the circle again in the lower hall, distancing the seats by a metre for the time being. ii) people may join the circle if they are willing to wear a mask.
  8. The reason for the masks is that we will allow ourselves to sing, and masking reduces the distance air we expel travels with the increased effort singing.
  9. You can also call in to the gathering on the telephone. Call 1 647 374 4685, then, when prompted, input the Meeting ID 782 292 511 followed by the # sign. Ignore the prompts for Participant ID and Password. You are in when the recorded voice says, “You are in the meeting.” If you can only connect by video on your computer with no audio, you can use the phone connection for audio and the computer connection for visual.

I look forward to seeing you Sunday again, or for the first time –

Rev Ian